Efficient Algorithms on Multicommodity Flow over Time Problems with Partial Lane Reversals

Urmila Pyakurel, Shiva Prakash Gupta, Durga Prasad Khanal, Tanka Nath Dhamala, Vladimir V. Mityushev
2020 International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences  
The multicommodity flow problem arises when several different commodities are transshipped from specific supply nodes to the corresponding demand nodes through the arcs of an underlying capacity network. The maximum flow over time problem concerns to maximize the sum of commodity flows in a given time horizon. It becomes the earliest arrival flow problem if it maximizes the flow at each time step. The earliest arrival transshipment problem is the one that satisfies specified supplies and
more » ... . These flow over time problems are computationally hard. By reverting the orientation of lanes towards the demand nodes, the outbound lane capacities can be increased. We introduce a partial lane reversal approach in the class of multicommodity flow problems. Moreover, a polynomial-time algorithm for the maximum static flow problem and pseudopolynomial algorithms for the earliest arrival transshipment and maximum dynamic flow problems are presented. Also, an approximation solution to the latter problem is obtained in polynomial-time.
doi:10.1155/2020/2676378 fatcat:5b5nzdf7zfhthc4igmx7x4mn5a