Impact Factor: 3.4 IJAR

Anita Narayan
2014 unpublished
This paper discusses that the novels of R.K. Narayan may be described as a special kind of intervention in the ongoing problematic concept of Indian modernity. By modernity I mean the new kind of subjectivity and society that emerged in India after the impact of British imperialism. Though one component of this impact was enlightenment, rationality, science, and Western knowledge, Indian modernity was not merely a copy of Western modernity. That is because modern India emerged out of the
more » ... d out of the complex struggle between colonialism and nationalism. Though influenced by the West, Indian modernity marks its own distinct path. This path consists in taking critical aspects of Western modernity and trying to combine them with India's usable past. But because both Western modernity and Indian traditions have multiple possibilities and processes, the self-constitution of India's modernity becomes a plural and diverse adventure rather than any simplistic supplanting of modernity or the revival of tradition at the expense of modernity. Indian modernity is thus neither anti-traditional nor necessarily pro-Western.