The role of energy security in the element base of the industrial region innovative development

Valeri Kopein, Andrey Kopein, Tatjana Kostina, Elena Filimonova, S. Vöth, M. Cehlár, J. Janocko, M. Straka, D. Nuray, D. Szurgacz, M. Petrova, Y. Tan (+1 others)
2020 E3S Web of Conferences  
The article examines the peculiarities of the relationship between energy security and innovation processes in the industrial region. Systemized approaches to the methodology for calculating the level of financial security have been consolidated. It is concluded that it is appropriate to use an indicative method of energy security analysis as a classic epistemological variant of the study of the energy security phenomenon. As a result of the assessment of the energy security level of the
more » ... o (Kuzbass) region it is concluded that all indicators of energy security except a certain degree of depreciation of the fixed assets of the fuel and energy complex enterprises have acceptable pre-crisis values. According to the share of own sources in the balance of electricity, the disposable capacity of power plants and the capacity of the largest power plant in Kuzbass region is in the pre-crisis zone, which determines its energy independence. It is noted that the share of coal as the dominant fuel resource in the structure of fuel consumption is at the pre-crisis level. The energy supply is emphasized to cover not only the issues of production, supply of energy resources and availability of energy sources, but also the aspects of the ecology and energy resources accounting. This determines the necessity to adjust the methodology for determining the energy security. It is proposed to supplement the methodology of assessing the level of energy security with indicators that take into account the diversification of sources of electricity generation both as a main resource and the possibility of commercial accounting of electricity consumption. The statement about the impact of the innovation level of energy on the level of region energy security and the pace of innovation process is justified.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202017404055 fatcat:ikzzzz7ftjcrxokco4ojv2mzdu