Research of the Interacting Process of Copper-Base Alloys with Leaching Solutions under the Action of Different Physicochemical Factors

Bagdaulet Kenzalyevich Kenzhaliyev, Ainur Nurkalyevna Berkinbayeva, Rustam Hasanovich Sharipov
2015 American Journal of Applied Sciences  
Analysis of the current scientific and technical data shows the increased difficulty in innovative solutions development for metal extraction from different kinds of mineral raw materials, due to fundamental change in mineral resources base of metallurgy. Apart from polymetallic ores, complex in chemistry and intractable, the basis for the current mineral resources base is formed by technogenic production waste, so-called recovered materials. The source for nonferrous metals is not only mineral
more » ... but also recovered materials. The possibility of copper and zinc extraction from recovered materials, particularly from latten, widely-used in technology, has been examined. The article studies influence of different physicochemical factors on the process of dissolution of copper-base alloys by cathode and anode polarization of a sulfur-graphite electrode. It is specified that copper and zinc extraction by cathode polarization is 25 and 30% respectively. During the solution process, copper is oxidized and sulfurized and complex zinc sulfates are formed, which prevent metals from further dissolution. Electrolyte concentration, current density and temperature contribute to metal solubility increase. It is shown that the difference in leach process of metal alloys and polymetallic minerals is connected both with metal alloys' structure and mechanism of metals' solution in nonorganic aqua solution. The results of the phase analysis prove that sulfide and copper oxides and hydrated zinc sulfate, i.е., zinc dissolution is made via formation of sulfates.
doi:10.3844/ajassp.2015.982.992 fatcat:pc7ax3yxvbdu3auhtvdjzdccoq