Anpuchelvy S, G Sritharan
2015 International Journal of Management and Social Science Research Review   unpublished
The formula of hair oil in this study is taken from old manuscript from Jaffna. Herbal Hair oil is a poly herbal formulation from .Alternanthera sessiles. Lawsonia inermi, Murraya koenigii, .Costus speciosus,Santalum album,Curcuma zeodaria, Mollugo cerviana, Elettaria cardamom and coconut oil. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Herbal Hair oil in hair loss. This clinical trial was conducted at outpatient department of Herbal Health Care centre, Kokuvil, Jaffna.
more » ... , Kokuvil, Jaffna. Number of patients involved in this study is hundred. There were both sexes in the age group of 18-35 years selected who were suffering from hair loss. Informed written consents were obtained from willing patients. Patients on immunosuppressive drugs and applying other topical therapy for hair loss were excluded from this study. Infection and infestation of scalp, dandruff, stress level, dietary habits, previous illnesses and treatment details were obtained from history taking. All the enrolled patients underwent a clinical examination. All the patients were advised to give gentle massage to the scalp covering whole area with hair oil and rinse it in the morning. The response to therapy was evaluated at intervals of four weeks covering 16 weeks. The criteria to evaluate this study were formulated as level of hair falling, itchiness level and dryness level of scalp. Response was evaluated on an analogue scale of 0-3 (0-being Nil, 1-being Moderate, 2-being Good, 3-being Excellent). The mean hair fall at entry was 121.3 +/-7.2 which significantly (p<0.05) improved with continued treatment at 16 th week. Itching was present in 42 cases at entry, reduced significantly (p<0.05) at the end. Two cases reported excellent response, 42 cases reported good response, 22 cases reported moderate response, 10 cases reported poor response, two cases reported no response. No severe adverse reactions reported in this study period. This clinical study clearly demonstrates the beneficial effects of hair oil in the treatment of hair loss