Analytical modeling and investigation of constrained layer damping in hybrid laminates based on a unified plate formulation

Alexander Jackstadt, Wilfried V. Liebig, Luise Kärger
Hybrid laminates, such as fiber metal laminates, are increasingly used in engineering applications due to their outstanding damage tolerance and weight-specific performance. Prone to vibrations, fiber metal laminates have recently been complemented by viscoelastic elastomer layers in order to achieve a desired level of damping following the principles of constrained layer damping. This paper presents an analytical modeling approach based on a unified plate formulation for the rapid and precise
more » ... nalysis of such hybrid laminates regarding their deformation and dynamic behavior. In order to account for the transverse shear deformation in the damping layers, the Reissner's Mixed Variational Theorem is employed. The viscoelastic, thus frequencydependent, material behavior is taken into account and the resulting damping quantities analyzed. Damped and undamped natural frequencies are computed using an iterative algorithm and the results are compared to the plate's response to forced vibration. The approach is numerically validated using refined finite element models. Additionally, laminate parameters are varied in order to investigate their influence on the damping capabilities of these hybrid laminates.
doi:10.5445/ir/1000141552 fatcat:yogbkeak7re7fjilmy7i6ikde4