Transformation and degradation of organic pollutants on urban road surfaces [thesis]

Gustav Kudjoe Seyram Gbeddy
Mitigating stormwater pollution is essential to safeguard human health and the ecosystem. The availability of requisite knowledge on pollutants fate and their dynamic processes is central to attaining effective stormwater mitigation. Urban areas are notable sources and accumulation points for varied categories of hazardous organic pollutants such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). Inherent relationships exist between pollutants buildup on urban surfaces and subsequent wash-off into
more » ... ic ecosystem. In this regard, research on particle build-up, transformation and degradation processes of PAHs on urban road surfaces, and the associated health risks is necessary for generating the requisite knowledge to advance stormwater and ecosystem protection. In this context, this research produced new insight into photo driven transformation and degradation of key indicator organic pollutants that is PAHs and their transformed PAH products (TPPs) on urban road surfaces during antecedent dry days.
doi:10.5204/thesis.eprints.203905 fatcat:jzlipwqtmfc6zaptuskbka3lve