Yellow in English and "黄" in Chinese: A Cognitive Approach

Yang Xiaoyue, Jiang Zhaozi
2021 International Journal of Language and Linguistics  
Color is closely related to people's lives, so it has become an indispensable part of the vocabulary now. This paper focuses on the research background, research purpose and significance of the color word "yellow" in Chinese and English, analyzing the entries from the perspective of cognitive linguistics, aiming to study the similarities, differences and the causes related. The author first collected and categorized entries through authoritative dictionaries of Chinese and English, and used the
more » ... glish, and used the methods of comparative research, literature research and case analysis to elaborate commonalities and differences in word meanings. By researching the corresponding historical allusions and rhetorical methods, such as personification and symbols, we can feel the emotions expressed by the color words and deduce the evolution path of words' meaning. Through research, these conclusions can be drawn: 1) the meanings of "yellow" in Chinese and English are basically the same; 2) there is an unequal meaning between the two; 3) this unequal meaning is attributable and reflects the existence of two cultures values, cultural aesthetic and psychological differences. Through research, the aim is to allow learners to apply flexibly and accurately in cross-cultural business communication, daily life and linguistics learning, and to feel the charm of language.
doi:10.11648/j.ijll.20210902.11 fatcat:fpootz246fh4jot75jhgewq7ji