Research on the Stimulation of Junior School Students' English Learning Motivation Based on Self-Determination Theory—— Taking Students in Zhoushan No.1 Junior School as Example

2019 International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education  
In the recent foreign language teaching process, some theorists of constructivism advocate that learning is a course of leaners' actively constructing their own knowledge and experience. This kind of conception of learning emphasizes the initiative, enthusiasm and situationality, which is helpful to stimulate students' intrinsic motivation and make students' passive acceptance transfer to active exploration. Internal motivation can facilitate students to actively participate in learning
more » ... es. Students with internal motivation are eager to acquire relevant knowledge and experience and have Abstract: Self-Determination Theory is widely applied in educational field to stimulate students' internal motivation. This paper briefly introduces the Self-Determination Theory of American psychologists Deci Edward L. and Ryan Richard M., analyzes the situation before and after putting Self-determination Theory into the teaching procedure of Zhoushan No.1 Junior Middle School. The result shows that giving students more choice in classes, decelerating students' pressure, providing unconditional respect and care can be useful in practical teaching. Thus, satisfying students' three basic psychological needs-the feeling of autonomy, competence and belonging can greatly improve their internal and external motivation level.
doi:10.20431/2349-0381.0610010 fatcat:tgy33dnqpnaczeaelupwgwspem