Methodical Limitations of the Financial Analysis in Transition Economy and the Specificity of the Financial Condition of Industrial Enterprises of the Kemerovo Region
Методические ограничения финансового анализа в переходной экономике и специфика финансового состояния промышленных предприятий Кемеровской области

Анатолий Акулов, Anatoly Akulov
2019 Bulletin of Kemerovo State University Series Political Sociological and Economic sciences  
The research features the financial condition of industrial enterprises of the Kemerovo region. The research objective was to determine the main characteristics of the financial condition of the local industrial enterprises, taking into account the methodological limitations of external financial analysis. The authors used methods of observation, logical-structural analysis, comparative analysis, correlation and regression analysis, methods of external financial analysis, and system-structural
more » ... pproach. The approach allowed the authors to identify the main regularities of the development of the financial condition of the local industrial enterprises. The differences in the financial position were compared with other regions of the Russian Federation. The paper introduces new ideas about the factors determining the financial state of the industry. It contains a list of conditions and measures that contribute to improving the financial condition of the local industrial enterprises and assess their mid-term prospects. The results can be used by the authorities and management to develop strategic planning documents. The research can help large integrated industry companies to justify their decisions on the distribution of funds in holding companies. The financial condition of the industry in the Kemerovo Region proved to be slightly worse than average, which is explained by the structure of the economy and other macroeconomic variables. The control actions of the subfederal level cannot fully improve the situation.
doi:10.21603/2500-3372-2019-4-2-191-200 fatcat:arb3jh3asjavtd4hqoga5mvkce