Simultaneous removal of H{sub 2}S and NH{sub 3} in coal gasification processes. Progress report, October 1, 1995--December 31, 1995 [report]

K. Jothimurugesan, A.A. Adeyiga, S.K. Gangwal
1995 unpublished
OBJECTIVES The objective of this study is to develop advanced high-temperature coal gas desulhrization mixed-metal oxide sorbents with stable ammonia decomposition materials at 5 50-800" C (1 022-1472" F). The specific objectives of the project are to: (I) Develop a combined sorbent-catalyst materials shall be capable of removing hydrogen sulfide to less than 20 ppmv and ammonia by at least 90 percent. (ii) Carry out comparative fixed-bed studies of absorption and regeneration with various
more » ... n with various formulations of sorbent-catalyst systems and select most promising sorbent-catalyst type. (iii) Conduct long-term (at least 30 cycles) durability and chemical reactivity in the fixed-bed with the superior sorbent-catalyst . BACKGROUND INFORMATION Nitrogen (N2) occurs in coal in the form of tightly bound organic ring compounds, typically at levels of 1 to 2 wt% on a dry-ash-free basis. During, coal gasification, this fbel-"U.S. DOE PATENT CLEARANCE NOT REQUIRED PRIOR TO PUBLICATION OF THIS REPORT" a FUTUREWORK As of today, HART-49 sorbent-catalysts shows very promising catalyst activity. Multicycle runs will be conducted using HART-49 sorbent-catalysts.
doi:10.2172/227697 fatcat:bpr6fszqbbe6bdi472kesoirxe