Latest results from the NA62 experiment at CERN

Nicolas Lurkin
2021 Proceedings of ALPS 2019 An Alpine LHC Physics Summit — PoS(ALPS2019)   unpublished
NA62 is a fixed target kaon experiment at the CERN SPS which aims at measuring the branching ratio of the K + → π + νν decay with 10 % precision. This ultra-rare kaon decay is theoretically extremely clean and an ideal place to look for physics beyond the Standard Model. The NA62 experiment has been running in 2016-2018 and has accumulated a large amount of kaon decays. The final result of the K + → π + νν analysis using the 2016 dataset is discussed as well as prospects for the analysis of the
more » ... the analysis of the 2017 dataset. NA62 also has sensitivity to various other rare and forbidden kaon decays, as well as some hidden sector models. The results of a search for the Lepton Number Violating decays K + → π − + + [ = e, µ] is presented, along with new limits on the existence of a dark photon.
doi:10.22323/1.360.0037 fatcat:qcdgpym33jfhhpliohl53c6to4