Numerical Simulation of Chemical Storage Tank Area Leakage and Explosion Accident Based on FLACS

Ruochen Liu, Anqi Liu, Chunfeng Sun, Lianhui Li
2022 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
The large amount of oil storage tank possesses significant risks of leakage, and once leakage occurs, the combustible gas is prone to fire and explosion accidents. When the combustible gas cloud is exposed to the ignition source, there are possibilities of triggering the domino effect with more serious consequences. As one important kind of protective layers, the combustible gas detectors continuously monitor the leakage of combustible gas, guaranteeing the safety performance of the site. Using
more » ... the computational fluid dynamics software FLACS as a tool, the impact of the consequences of the raw material leakage with a vapor cloud explosion accident in a large chemical fiber manufacturer's storage tank area is studied, and the risk of domino effect in the tank area during the course of the accident is predicted. The study shows that FLACS can be applied to the simulation study of gas diffusion explosion phenomenon in complex operation and storage areas, with the great capability of the explosion risk quantitative assessment and the reliable prediction to the risk of domino effects.
doi:10.1155/2022/7892251 fatcat:nqr3xot5abcvlbhq4l7brbsjky