Anomalous Topological Phases and Unpaired Dirac Cones in Photonic Floquet Topological Insulators

Daniel Leykam, M. C. Rechtsman, Y. D. Chong
2016 Physical Review Letters  
We propose a class of photonic Floquet topological insulators based on staggered helical lattices and an efficient numerical method for calculating their Floquet bandstructure. The lattices support anomalous Floquet topological insulator phases with vanishing Chern number and tunable topological transitions. At the critical point of the topological transition, the bandstructure hosts a single unpaired Dirac cone, which yields a variety of unusual transport effects: a discrete analogue of
more » ... diffraction, weak antilocalization not limited by intervalley scattering, and suppression of Anderson localization. Unlike previous designs, the effective gauge field strength can be controlled via lattice parameters such as the inter-helix distance, significantly reducing radiative losses and enabling applications such as switchable topological wave-guiding.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.117.013902 pmid:27419570 fatcat:jfxpqrjyj5ejflosnfctxbdti4