Effects of altering histone post-translational modifications on mitotic chromosome structure and mechanics [article]

Ronald Biggs, Andrew D Stephens, Patrick Liu, John F Marko
2018 bioRxiv   pre-print
During cell division chromatin is compacted into mitotic chromosomes to aid faithful segregation of the genome between two daughter cells. Post-translational modifications (PTM) of histones alter compaction of interphase chromatin, but it remains poorly understood how these modifications affect mitotic chromosome stiffness and structure. Using micropipette-based force measurements and epigenetic drugs, we probed the influence of canonical histone PTMs that dictate interphase euchromatin
more » ... tion) and heterochromatin (methylation) on mitotic chromosome stiffness. By measuring chromosome doubling force (the force required to double chromosome length), we find that histone methylation, but not acetylation, contributes to mitotic structure and stiffness. We discuss our findings in the context of chromatin gel modeling of the large-scale organization of mitotic chromosomes.
doi:10.1101/423541 fatcat:m5u6sf3n6naqhdmdqup4pywwme