A Proposed Enriching Program for Developing Literary Text Analysis Skills of the Student teachers in the light of Al-Jurjani's Theory of Poetic Imagery
برنامج إثرائي مقترح لتنمية مهارات تحليل النصوص الأدبية لدى الطلبة المعلمين في ضوء نظرية النظم للجرجاني

محمد الحاوري, جامعة صنعاء, عبدالله الكوري, جامعة صنعاء
2017 مجلة الدراسات الاجتماعية  
This study aimed at constructing a proposed enriching program for developing literary text analysis skills of the student teachers in the light of Al-Jurjani's theory of poetic imagery. To achieve that, first, the content of Al-Jurjani's book "Dala'el Al-E'ajaz" was analyzed to identify his method of literary text analysis according to the theory of poetic imagery. In light of his method, the proposed conceptualization was built in a way that can help in practicing the skills of literary
more » ... s. Second, the literary text analysis skills required for the student teachers (i.e. 22 skills) were identified to be developed through the enriching program of the proposed conceptualization. Third, the enriching program was designed after identifying its bases, objectives, the content which consisted of three units, the strategies and the educational activities needed to implement the program, and the appropriate evaluation method. The designed program was validated by some juries and became ready for implementation. The study recommended that the enriching program and the skills of literary text analysis should be included in the student teacher's academic preparation program in colleges of education at the university.
doi:10.20428/jss.23.1.6 fatcat:lkhajdnrcvd5boyy73gsywvasy