A Scalable and Robust Framework for Data Stream Ingestion [article]

Haruna Isah, Farhana Zulkernine
2018 arXiv   pre-print
An essential part of building a data-driven organization is the ability to handle and process continuous streams of data to discover actionable insights. The explosive growth of interconnected devices and the social Web has led to a large volume of data being generated on a continuous basis. Streaming data sources such as stock quotes, credit card transactions, trending news, traffic conditions, time-sensitive patients data are not only very common but can rapidly depreciate if not processed
more » ... ckly. The ever-increasing volume and highly irregular nature of data rates pose new challenges to data stream processing systems. One such challenging but important task is how to accurately ingest and integrate data streams from various sources and locations into an analytics platform. These challenges demand new strategies and systems that can offer the desired degree of scalability and robustness in handling failures. This paper investigates the fundamental requirements and the state of the art of existing data stream ingestion systems, propose a scalable and fault-tolerant data stream ingestion and integration framework that can serve as a reusable component across many feeds of structured and unstructured input data in a given platform, and demonstrate the utility of the framework in a real-world data stream processing case study that integrates Apache NiFi and Kafka for processing high velocity news articles from across the globe. The study also identifies best practices and gaps for future research in developing large-scale data stream processing infrastructure.
arXiv:1812.04197v1 fatcat:freh5fgeu5ezhbfi5lutmc6smy