Пам'Ятки Сакрального Мистецтва Ордену Піарів На Волині: Історія Та Сучасність

Шеретюк Р.
2018 Zenodo  
An important role in promoting and af­firming of cultural achievements of Western civilization in Ukraine and of the artistic heritage of the Baroque period was played by representatives of Roman Catho­lic religious orders: Jesuits, Dominicans, Franciscans, Carmelites, Capuchins, Piarists and etc. Although this work was the part of their missionary activities aimed at implementing of postulates of potrydenska reform, it also became a significant factor in the deployment of the process of
more » ... ve development of Ukrainian art, including the organic combination of its ancient Byzantine traditions with Western artistic influences. Indicative in this respect was the artistic component of the Roman Catholic Order of Piarists work in Volhynia during the late seventeenth — early nineteenth century. The architectural complexes of religious centers of Piarists in Volhynia, which traditionally included the building of the monastery, church and collegium, were built for projects of outstanding architects of that time. The artistic decoration of their interiors was performed by talented foreign artists. Therefore, the order of Pia- rists religious sites in Volhynia were vivid examples of the embodiment of the best achievements of Western European late baroque architecture. However, the artistic achievements of the Roman Catholic monastic orders on the territory of Ukraine, including the Order of Piarists in Volhynia, for a long time deliberately leveled at first by the Russian autoc­racy, and later by the Soviet authorities. Thus, in Soviet times, many books were ordered about Roman Catholic Orders in the world and a lot of them were published, that were far from the truth on the basis of fabricated false ideological stamps. Since they were simultane­ously cultivated in cinema, fiction, they were firmly en­trenched in the minds ofpeople of several generations. These "revealing" stereotypes gradually poisoned the spiritual climate in society and distorted many pages of the history of the Church in Ukraine. At the same time, [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1406667 fatcat:fsdys3qgmne7tkuxjetxzbhoke