Numerical Modeling of 3D Slopes with Weak Zones by Random Field and Finite Elements

Yu-Xiang Xia, Po Cheng, Man-Man Liu, Jun Hu
2021 Applied Sciences  
This work investigates an analysis method for the stability of a three-dimensional (3D) slope with weak zones considering spatial variability on the basis of two-phase random media and the finite element method. By controlling the volume fractions of rock and weak zones, two-phase random media are incorporated into the 3D slope model to simulate the random distribution of rock and weak zones. Then, a rotation of a Gaussian random field is performed to account for the inclination of the weak
more » ... s. The validity of the proposed model for use in the analysis of the stability of 3D slopes with weak zones was verified by comparing it to existing results and analytical solutions. The failure mechanism of the slope is considered by examining the plastic failure zone at incipient slope failure. The safety factor is sensitive to the inclination of the weak zones, but it is predictable. Parametric studies on the inclination of the layer of weak zones demonstrate that when the rotation angle of the weak zones is approximately parallel to the slope inclination, the slope is prone to slippage along the weak zones, resulting in a significant reduction in the safety factor. The findings of this research can serve as the foundation for further research on the stability of slopes with weak zones.
doi:10.3390/app11219852 doaj:db1baebb90fc4b64852bf616cd3bc68e fatcat:gh2t7fvcibforghpwo5aobkh5a