Shape Characteristics of Complex Single Chain and Aggregation by Exponential Law

Tao Li, Dan Lu
2016 Huaxue xuebao  
Being an important part of polymer science, the single chain conformation and aggregation structure in polymer solution has been widely studied by many experiential exponential laws. In the review, several kinds of commonly used exponential laws were summarized, and the use in the study of shape characteristics of complex single chain and aggregation was introduced. The aggregation structure and morphology of films can be controlled by precursor solution, so deep understanding to the intrinsic
more » ... roperties of precursor solution is particularly important. Combined with the electron microscope, spectra, etc., the exponential law can be used to further study the single chain, aggregation size and morphology, structure evolution, and the law of the movement process of structure units at all levels in polymer solution, this will lay a theoretical foundation for the molecular designing, functional development and application of polymer materials.
doi:10.6023/a16050252 fatcat:vwha4y7zevggzlzoxqivgczwn4