Low-temperature magnetic ordering inSrEr2O4

O. A. Petrenko, G. Balakrishnan, N. R. Wilson, S. de Brion, E. Suard, L. C. Chapon
2008 Physical Review B  
SrEr_2O_4 has been characterised by low-temperature powder neutron diffraction, as well as single crystal specific heat and magnetisation measurements. Magnetisation measurements show that the magnetic system is highly anisotropic at temperature above ordering. A magnetic field of 280 kOe applied at T=1.6 K does not overcome the anisotropic magnetisation and fails to fully saturate the system. Long range antiferromagnetic ordering develops below T_N=0.75 K, identified by magnetic Bragg
more » ... ns with propagation vector k=0 and a lambda anomaly in the specific heat. The magnetic structure consists of ferromagnetic chains running along the c axis, two adjacent chains being stacked antiferromagnetically. The moments point along the c direction, but only one of the two crystallographically in-equivalent Er sites has a sizeable ordered magnetic moment, 4.5 μ_B at 0.55 K. The magnetic properties of SrEr_2O_4 are discussed in terms of the interplay between the low-dimensionality, competing exchange interactions, dipolar interactions and low lying crystal field levels.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.78.184410 fatcat:i7p6aqdsgrdrxjeksepwkj7q6y