Short note on the first record of fossil shark teeth in the Chehel-Kaman formation, Iran

Nicolae Trif, Farrokh Ghaemi, Jafar Taheri, Morteza Taherpour-Khalil-Abad
2020 Geološki Anali Balkanskoga Poluostrva  
Shark teeth discovered in the late Paleocene-early Eocene Chehel Kaman Formation in NE Iran bring new data on the fossil fish record from this country. Two genera from the location are described and figured. The present record is one of the very few reports of fossil shark teeth from the Cenozoic of Iran and the first one from this formation and region. The marine vertebrates known from this region of the Tethys Sea are very scarce. AnCTpaKT. 3y6H ajKyJia OTKpHBeHH y
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doi:10.2298/gabp200214003t fatcat:bod2vjpgfrc2nadajmheau6n6a