The Chewing of Khat ( Catha Edulis ) in the Horn of Africa and Arabian Peninsula : Economic Overview

Lamina M., Lamina R. S.
2013 Oman Chapter of Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review  
Summery Khat is an evergreen shrub, which is cultivated as a bush or small tree; some oral traditions claim that khat originated from Yemen. However the literature indicates that khat originated from Ethiopia, specifically in Hararghe with a gradual expansion to different parts of Ethiopia, Yemen and other parts of the world. Chewing khat is both a social and a culture-based activity; it is said to enhance social interaction, playing a role in ceremonies such as weddings. Generally, khat is
more » ... erally, khat is considered as a major cash crop; its cultivation is a source of economic values in societies and nations involved. However, the micro-level economic burden on the khat chewers is substantially debatable and controversial; the indirect international economic benefit is also enormous in countries where Khat is legal.
doi:10.12816/0002374 fatcat:j4hoa6uv75ashhwn34srncx3za