JOURNAL OF INSECT BIODIVERSITY AND SYSTEMATICS An updated list of Tabanidae (Diptera: Insecta) in Ivory Coast

Acapovi-Yao Geneviève, Lydie, Sevidzem Silas Lendzele, Marc Desquesnes, Mamadou Dia
J Insect Biodivers Syst   unpublished
The inventory of tabanids of Ivory Coast includes both a review of historical datasets as well as the results of recent targeted field investigations in the North of Ivory Coast from 2000 to 2002 and Banco forest in 2012. The family Tabanidae known as horse flies has been estimated to consist of 4,500 existing species throughout the world. Four genera are known to be of medico-veterinary importance and include: Haematopota, Tabanus, Atylotus and Chrysops. The documented results of 28 sites
more » ... ts of 28 sites provide significant information to update on the Tabanidae list of Ivory Coast. 70 species and 14 genera have been identified till date such as genus Tabanus with 40 species (57.14 %), genus Haematopota with 10 species (14.29 %), genera Atylotus, Chrysops and Hippocentrum with three species (4.29 %), genera Ancala, Rhigioglossa with two species (2.86%). Seven genera with only one species identified. T. taeniola, T. besti, T. secedens, T. thoracinus, H. decora, H. griseicoxa and H. torquens were captured in at least five regions.