Optimizing Process Parameters of Nano SiC Reinforced AA6061 Cold Extrusion using Response Surface Method

A. Vijay Kumar et al., A. Vijay Kumar et al.,
2019 International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development  
The paper focus on preparation of AA 6061 composites with nanoSiC dispersed at varying weight fractions. AA 6061 billets are extruded by varying extrusion ratio, die included angle, ram speed and %SiC, considering Force required for extrusion, hardness, tensile strength and surface roughness as output responses. Design of experiments based Response Surface Method (RSM) is adopted and 31 experiments are performed as per Central Composite Design (CCD). Empirical mathematical equations are
more » ... d for the output responses and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is carried out at 95% confidence level. Main effect plots are drawn to understand the variation of input parameters with respect to output responses. Contour plots are drawn to find the most influenced parameter. Surface plots are drawn to identify the optimum input parameters.
doi:10.24247/ijmperdapr201923 fatcat:5aziln3d4bhldd2df64f57qkkm