Iqbal in the Eyes of Poets of Jhang

Nadeem Akhtar Nadeem Akhtar
2019 Tasdiqتصدیق۔  
Jhang is a land of two rivers. It is a favorite place of Sufis and poets. It is known for the shrine of Sultan Bahoo and Heer Ranjha. Majeed Amjad, Sher Afzal Jaffery, Jaffer Tahir, and Abdul Aziz Khalid are the famous poets of Jhang known worldwide for their great literary work. Allama Iqbal is the poet of the East. His poetry is an asset in the tradition of Urdu and Persian poetry. He gave the lesson of "self" to the people of the sub-continent, especially to the Muslims. The poets of Jhang
more » ... id tribute to the great scholar and poet by their poetry. This tribute carries the deep emotions and love of these poets.
doi:10.56276/tasdiq.v1i1.13 fatcat:ui67tjf4jbfq5ek3xt3bzeu3na