Evolutions in the ecologically conscious consumer behaviour in Greece

Irene Tilikidou
2013 EuroMed Journal of Business  
Ecologically Conscious Consumer Behavior (ECCB) -including pro-environmental purchase, pro-environmental post-purchase (recycling) and pro-environmental activitieswas investigated. Demographic variables, the List of Values, environmental knowledge, pro-environmental attitudes and recycling attitudes were also examined as potential correlates of the ECCB types. Evidence was found that demographics and attitudes affect ECCB, while environmental knowledge and the L.O.V. do not. Cluster analysis
more » ... ealed three segments in the market, namely the Ecologically Conscious Consumers (31.66%), the Ecologically Concerned Consumers (45.26%) and the Ecologically Indifferent Consumers (23.07%). The Ecologically Conscious Consumers are those who obtained higher scores in all the types of ECCB. Therefore, it was concluded that consumers who engage in one type of ECCB are more likely to engage into another type as well. They are people who express strong positive pro-environmental and recycling attitudes; most of graduates and most of those who earn relatively higher incomes fall into the ECCs' cluster.
doi:10.1108/emjb-05-2013-0022 fatcat:vbgixpacrrampld3j3mu2dc3zi