Murimo Bethel Mutanga
2022 Journal of research in engineering and applied sciences  
The mobile web services paradigm (MWS) promises anywhere and all-time availability of services by leveraging the proliferation of smart devices with advanced capabilities. Consequently, research is focusing on ad-hoc mobile cloud, which extends the functional and architectural scope of MWS to include platforms for offering inexpensive and collaborative services co-hosted and discovered among peer devices. Existing solutions to the service discovery challenge posed by such dynamic environments
more » ... edominantly focus on algorithms that adopt context-based lightweight service discovery mechanisms. But such a focus pays less attention to the architectural perspective of the service discovery problem. This paper contextualized and discussed the emerging context and complexity of the MWS discovery challenge under two key subjects: operational effectiveness and functional efficiency, which then foregrounds the proposed MWS discovery framework. The framework is analyzed based on hypothetical usage scenarios, demonstrating a robust architectural approach to MWS discovery.
doi:10.46565/jreas.2022.v07i01.002 fatcat:gh6ji75aebb3vbl4yxibqgam3m