An Analysis of Public Conflict Research Trends in Korea Using Social Network Analysis

Na-Rang Kim, Soon-Goo Hong, Seong Bae Lim
2018 International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology  
The purpose of this study is to analyze the trend of public conflict research in Korea since 2000 using a social network analysis. The subjects of this study were theses on public conflict. After extracting keywords from 80 theses in the RISS, degree centrality, betweenness centrality, and closeness centrality were analyzed using the social network analysis method. The results showed that the conspicuous research topics were conflict management and governance to solve public conflicts, and
more » ... c policy tended to be researched alongside other keywords. The most researched subject was unwelcomed facilities, which implies that in most cases, conflicts occurred and developed due to the resistance of residents to the policy promotion and the location selection of unwelcomed facilities. Furthermore, studies on unwelcomed facilities showed strong connectivity with such keywords as environment, trust, and communication, which suggests that many studies have been conducted to solve conflicts. This study will contribute to the understanding and activation of public conflict research by presenting the future development directions for public conflict research in Korea.
doi:10.14257/ijast.2018.116.11 fatcat:nrc7qzuxqjbl7hmiglzxbpjizi