Efficiency Testing for Industrial Applications

K Veale
2016 Journal of the South African Institution of Mechanical Engineering   unpublished
44 Industries in South Africa are prioritising energy efficiency in the installation of new machinery and are investigating reductions in power consumption in current production lines. This interest in energy consumption has greatly increased as a direct result of the country's significant electricity price increase request of 16% per year from 2012 to 2018 [1]. The cost, as well as recent environmental assessments, has made industries aware of their carbon footprints and the need for improved
more » ... fficiency. This paper reports on the design of a multipurpose energy efficient apparatus to test the power efficiency of common industrial equipment and the effects of incorrect installations. It has been achieved with the construction of a 30 kW testing apparatus, capable of running a variety of motors, couplings, and belts. Motor testing was conducted to indicate the advantage of using high efficiency 4-pole induction motors compared to standard efficiency motors, as well as the advantage of accurately matching power usage to motor capacity. Fluid couplings are often used in the absence of variable speed drives for high torque start-ups. The long term running of these couplings is shown to be inefficient, and thus an investigation into number of start-ups versus run time is required to indicate a more viable option.