Investigation of Dye Dopant Influence on Electrooptical and Morphology Properties of Polymeric Acceptor Matrix Dedicated for Ternary Organic Solar Cells

Gabriela Lewińska, Piotr Jeleń, Jarosław Kanak, Łukasz Walczak, Robert Socha, Maciej Sitarz, Jerzy Sanetra, Konstanty Waldemar Marszałek
2021 Polymers  
The publication presents the results of investigations of the influence of dye dopant on the electrooptical and morphology properties of a polymeric donor:acceptor mixture. Ternary thin films (polymer:dye:fullerene) were investigated for potential application as an active layer in organic solar cells. The aim of the research is to determine the effect of selected dye materials (dye D131, dye D149, dye D205, dye D358) on the three-component layer and their potential usefulness as an additional
more » ... nor in ternary cells, based on P3HT donor and PC71BM acceptor. UV–vis spectroscopy studies were performed, and absorption and luminescence spectra were determined. Ellipsometry parameters for single dye and ternary layers have been measured. The analyses were performed using the Raman spectroscopy method, and the Raman spectra of the mixtures and single components have been determined. Organic layers were prepared and studied using scanning electron microscope and atomic force microscope. For dyes, ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies were carried out and the ternary system was presented and analyzed in terms of energy bands.
doi:10.3390/polym13234099 pmid:34883603 fatcat:4spzruqwyjg23iwu2lgdkzla4q