A Scalable Similarity-Popularity Link Prediction Method

Said Kerrache, Ruwayda Alharbi, Hafida Benhidour
2020 Scientific Reports  
Link prediction is the task of computing the likelihood that a link exists between two given nodes in a network. With countless applications in different areas of science and engineering, link prediction has received the attention of many researchers working in various disciplines. Considerable research efforts have been invested into the development of increasingly accurate prediction methods. Most of the proposed algorithms, however, have limited use in practice because of their high
more » ... onal requirements. The aim of this work is to develop a scalable link prediction algorithm that offers a higher overall predictive power than existing methods. The proposed solution falls into the class of global, parameter-free similarity-popularity-based methods, and in it, we assume that network topology is governed by three factors: popularity of the nodes, their similarity and the attraction induced by local neighbourhood. In our approach, popularity and neighbourhood-caused attraction are computed directly from the network topology and factored out by introducing a specific weight map, which is then used to estimate the dissimilarity between non-adjacent nodes through shortest path distances. We show through extensive experimental testing that the proposed method produces highly accurate predictions at a fraction of the computational cost required by existing global methods and at a low additional cost compared to local methods. The scalability of the proposed algorithm is demonstrated on several large networks having hundreds of thousands of nodes.
doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62636-1 pmid:32286363 pmcid:PMC7156691 fatcat:pst4etgf7rfgdoxhtia2263wcm