2020 Sosyal Politika Çalışmaları Dergisi  
With the developments in the world, the quality of life is increasing. Accordingly, prolonged life time; elderly population to increases. The prolonged old age process brings with it new requirements. As the aging process with social, psychological, physiological and environmental aspects progresses healthily for all individuals, successful and vigorous aging will be possible. One of the important factor of aging is environmental conditions. It is the residence and its immediate surroundings
more » ... re environmental daily requirements are met and daily life is maintained. The residential interior, which is defined as the immediate surroundings, access to housing and facilities in the immediate vicinity of the residence; Successful aging will be possible when it meets the needs of the elderly individual as a whole. The residence of the elderly, which is a shelter, is important in terms of both access and design. The easy access of the residence is one of the important environmental expectations of the elderly user. In this study, the aim of this study is to determine the expectations of the elderly people about access to housing and to determine the determinations to increase the quality of life for this purpose. In order to reach this goal, a field study has been conducted and the survey method has been used in the study conducted in the region where the rate of older individuals is high. In order to limit the individuals identified as elderly, the target audience was limited to participants over 60 years of age. As a result of the research, data related to housing were determined. In the survey, questions about the physical conditions of their dwellings were asked to the participant group. Satisfaction levels for their residences were measured. Other significant differences were determined by comparing the obtained data with demographic data. Suggestions were made by evaluating the data regarding the expectations of the elderly person about the housing approach. In order to increase the individual life quality of elderly individuals, it is aimed to measure the expectations in line with the satisfaction of their homes and the physical conditions of their homes. With the determination of the expectations, it will be possible to determine the physical conditions related to access to the dwelling to increase the quality of life of the elderly.
doi:10.21560/spcd.vi.818014 fatcat:csmjcn7mzvckpfrwx7i3uz7qpe