Multiplicity of states in Taylor-Couette flow of a dense granular gas

Nandu Gopan, Meheboob Alam, M.A. Aguirre, S. Luding, L.A. Pugnaloni, R. Soto
2021 EPJ Web of Conferences  
Molecular dynamics simulations with a purely repulsive Lennard-Jones potential and a normal damping force is used to simulate the granular flow in the annular region between two differentially-rotating cylinders, called the Taylor-Couette flow. The flow transition from the azimuthally-invariant Circular Couette flow (CCF) to the Taylor-vortex flow (TVF) is studied by increasing the rotation rate (ωi) of the inner cylinder, with the outer cylinder being kept stationary. Multiplicity of states,
more » ... licity of states, highlighting the hysteretic nature of the "CCF ↔ TVF" transition, is observed over a wide range of rotation rates. The onset of Taylor vortices is quantified in terms of the maximum radial velocity and the net circulation per vortex.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/202124903015 fatcat:vzegivanzfgm5iqyszxbszn2ve