2A1-L01 Animation by Semi-automatic Generation of Control Point Trajectory in Spatial Key-framing
2A1-L01 空間的キーフレームの制御点軌跡の半自動的生成によるアニメーション(進化・学習とロボティクス)

Keitaro NARUSE, Shohei SEKII
2007 The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec)  
: Spatial key −framing is one of the methods for generating animation of CG charactcrs , in which a control point corresponding to a fhlr body posture is defined in a workspace , and animation is generatcd by moving thc control point in the workspace . In this paper , we try to develop a CG character animation by generating a trajectory efthe control point semi −automatically intcracting with a user . We introduce a nonlinear oscillator ( van der Pol equation ) f{)r the trajectory generation ,
more » ... nd evaluate how much it can create a variety of motion and how much it can reflect a user intention , through a computer simulation .
doi:10.1299/jsmermd.2007._2a1-l01_1 fatcat:geaabu6lr5coxappl66qcv2po4