Performance of Wire Springs as Extended Heat Transfer Surface for Compact Heat Exchangers

Hiroshi IWAI, Soushi KAWAKAMI, Kenjiro SUZUKI, Junichi TSUJII, Tetsuo ABIKO
2006 Journal of Thermal Science and Technology  
Use of thin metal wire structures as a new type of extended heat transfer surface is proposed. As one of the most basic shapes of such wire structures, heat transfer performance of spring shaped fins is experimentally investigated under relatively low Reynolds number conditions. The averaged heat transfer coefficient is evaluated by a single-blow method while the pressure drop is measured at a steady state flow condition. The effects of the geometric parameters such as the wire diameter, the
more » ... re diameter, the spring pitch and the pitch ratio were systematically examined and the obtained data were compared with that of a conventional offset fin, which is commercially available. It was found that the geometric parameters of the spring fins and the arrangement of spring fins in the test section affect their heat transfer performance. Some types of spring fins showed better heat transfer performance than a conventional offset fin, when they are evaluated in terms of the total heat transfer at a constant pumping power.
doi:10.1299/jtst.1.78 fatcat:swps6mmxmvc6xhqc3uujagskj4