Research progress in manufacturing technology of Nb-Si based ultra-high temperature structural materials

LI Ming, KANG Yong-wang, GUO Feng-wei
2020 Journal of Materials Engineering  
Nb-Si based ultra-high temperature structural material is the potential material to break the service temperature limitation of conventional superalloys.However,due to the much higher melting point and the lower plasticity and ductility of Nb-Si based alloys, it is much more difficult to prepare and manufacture than the existing high temperature metal structural materials. The manufacture processes for the complex part with Nb-Si based alloy were reviewed including the developments of the
more » ... pments of the melting technology,the investment casting and the powder metallurgy, and the problems existing in the forming technology were analyzed.Based on the problem analysis,the developing trend was prospected,it is considered that the manufacture technology for Nb-Si based ultra-high temperature structural materials is still in the stage of laboratory research,and in-depth research needs to be carried out continuously on the melting technology for master alloy with large size,the related auxiliary technologies to ultra-high temperature investment casting and the preparation technology for Nb-Si based alloy powder.
doi:10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2020.000284 doaj:6f6890178de34fdfaeed8fc6db6f53a2 fatcat:sfzpzv2aibgshd2qsrsqz7pakq