Teaching Psychoeducation Online at UCONN's Neag School of Education

Jim O'Neil
2015 Education Practice and Innovation  
Teaching psychoeducation online has not been adequately defined in the educational and psychological literature and the teaching processes have gone unspecified. An expanded definition of psychoeducation is presented and a 10 part process paradigm is presented to help conceptualize future courses. The process paradigm is explained by discussing "Introduction to Counseling and Psychoeducation (EPSY 3333)", a three credit, online course that uses psychoeducational approaches. An evaluation of
more » ... ents in nine separate EPSY 3333 classes (n=203) is reported on the effectiveness of the teaching strategies, the cognitive and affective processes students experienced, the personal action taken by students, and the self-reported impact of the course. The results indicate that students reported the course positively impacted them both cognitively and emotionally and they took action to solve their personal problems. Limitations to the self-report course evaluations are discussed and the need for more complex research is recommended that assesses the effects of online psychoeducation.
doi:10.15764/epi.2015.01002 fatcat:pkqsg4yigzdvvhdop526ngxyr4