Polymer Designs with High Gas Permeable Characteristics for Small Gas Separations

metal membranes, exist 3) . Some important polymer membranes that have recently gained interest and attention are introduced here on the basis of their excellent and unique transport features. Also, requirements for designing polymer structures for use as membranes with high gas permeability with good selectivity are briefly presented. History and applications of polymer membranes for gas separation The study of gas separation has a long history, but only over the past two decades has it been
more » ... e major industrial application of membrane technology 4) . Since Monsanto launched its hydrogen-separating Prism ® membrane for commercial use in 1980, many other companies have developed their membrane technologies. Gas separation by selective permeation through polymer membranes is one of the fastest growing branches of separation technology 1) because it is energy-efficient and cost-effective. The applications of polymeric membranes for gas separation has broadened from traditional H2 enrichment to O2/N2 separation and CO2 capture.
doi:10.5360/membrane.31.161 fatcat:j55wecptlnchtbv47gj6tv66ni