The Evaluation of Negative Anthropogenic Factors Subjection on Bolts Stability and Surrounding Massif Deformations

Alexey A. Renev, Sergey S. Tsibaev, Stepan I. Kalinin
2018 Proceedings of the 9th China-Russia Symposium "Coal in the 21st Century: Mining, Intelligent Equipment and Environment Protection"   unpublished
Herein there are the results of a tool and visual assessment of condition of excavations, border massif of rocks and anchor support elements influenced by flooding and further drainage, seismic and shock waves dynamic loading and high temperature short-pulse. The extent and term of the mine being under flooded condition has been determined. The results of the durability tests of an-choring rods of various profiles are given for the roofs and sides of the mine working. It has been figured out
more » ... been figured out that distribution of probability of the hardening force of the anchors in blast-holes in the roof of the mine working meets the normal law of distribution. There are analyzed results of radar shooting of the roof taken by georadar OKO-2's. It has been figured out that the height of rock breaking of the roof of the mine working changes 0.2 to 2.25 m; comparison to the theoretical height of the roof arch has been made. The assessment of tendency of the coal massif to water saturation has been made, the height of water saturation of the roof rocks has been determined. It has turned out that that the height of moistening depends on the arch stability of rocks formed during the time of test. It has been determined that water saturation of the rocks leads to decrease in specific cohesion of the fastening structure of chemical ampoules with shot walls. Ascertain the values of seismic waves speed propagation from blasting, oscillation speed, displacements and relative de-formations of rock massif.
doi:10.2991/coal-18.2018.67 fatcat:orcwhgk3a5c53gsxbhf4ehmrqq