Biomimetics of spider silk spinning process

G. De Luca, A. D. Rey
2006 Wit Transactions on Ecology and The Environment   unpublished
Spiders, with their ultra-optimized spinning process, are able to produce superfibers with remarkable mechanical properties. The precursor material is a lyotropic nematic liquid crystalline anisotropic fluid. The mechanical properties and processability of the silk fiber are intimately connected to the structural transition undergone by this ordered fluid through the spinning pathway. In this work we study a complex mesoscopic structure present in the extrusion duct of spiders' spinning glands,
more » ... s' spinning glands, whose stability depends on the interaction between point defects located on the axis of the cavity. The phenomenon described is important in understanding the process-induced structuring of silk fibers and to defect physics in a more general context.
doi:10.2495/dn060121 fatcat:ijjhlwufd5a5bhb5ka5l45znwu