Competitive adsorption of methane and carbon dioxide at nanometer level

Pengliang Yu, Yun Cao, Xiangfang Li
2017 Proceedings of the 2016 2nd International Conference on Materials Engineering and Information Technology Applications (MEITA 2016)   unpublished
From macro perspective, main factors affecting adsorption of CH 4 by coals include coal particle size, pore structure, coal rank, moisture, temperature and pressure, etc.. The adsorption capacity of CH 4 by coals is affected by multiple factors. The adsorption experiment of single component gas showed that the absorption of CO 2 was higher than that of CH 4 by coals, finding that the adsorption capacity of CO 2 by coal surface was higher than that of CH 4 , and the absorption capacity ratio of
more » ... O 2 /CH 4 changed with pressure and coal rank, but the pressure was not directly proportional to absorption capacity ratio of CO 2 /CH 4 . With the increase of pressure, adsorption ratio of CO 2 /CH 4 decreases gradually. When the pressure is high, the adsorption capacity of CH 4 is higher than that of CO 2 , so it is appropriate to use CO 2 to displace coal seam CH 4 under low pressure. In addition, adsorption-desorption characteristic curve obtained from pure gas and carbon dioxide adsorption isotherm experiment could not demonstrate true adsorption situation of CH 4 and CO 2 mixed gas in coal seam.
doi:10.2991/meita-16.2017.36 fatcat:erkzu2oszjch5h3v35qbxpgdxq