Alternativní stanovení jednotné sazby korporátní daně ve vybraných zemích EU pomocí analýzy obalu dat

Lukáš Frýd
2017 Politicka Ekonomie  
This paper considers alternative approaches to the analysis of Laffer curve. The traditional analysis of Laffer curve is based on panel data methods, which were originally developed for microeconomics data with tax to GDP ratio as dependent variable. The main problem of using this approach presents the cross-sectional dependency of macroeconomics data, whose estimation may be biased and potentially inconsistent. The estimation of cross-sectional dependency using robust methods is inappropriate
more » ... s well, because tax revenue is function of many variables, hence we lose too many degrees of freedom. We propose alternative approach with complex dependent variable, which measures not only tax to GDP ratio, but also effectiveness of corporate tax collection. The complex variable is constructed via DEA method and proposed approach is applied on panel containing observations of 20 EU members in period from 2000 to 2013. We conclude, that while the Laffer hypothesis is not empirically supported the tax rate is statistically significant factor in tax collection efficiency.
doi:10.18267/j.polek.1173 fatcat:mw7af4thy5aydeyx2o2gc6zj34