T. Ruhl, J. Habermann, K. Horn, P. C. Scriba
1971 European Journal of Endocrinology  
CONTENTS Brain-Thyroid Relationships and Regulation of Thyroid Function 1. J. Köbberling, A. v. zur Mühlen and D. Emrich: The effect of synthetic TRF on serum levels of TSH, total thyroxine and glucose in normal persons. 2. G. Rothenbuchner, J. Birk, S. Raptis, U. Loos, M. Schleyer and E. F. Pfeiffer: Thyrotrophin (TSH), human growth hormone (HGH) in hypothyroid patients and patients with endocrine ophthalmopathy after TRF injection. Hauss: Investigations of the effect of thyrotrophin-releasing
more » ... rotrophin-releasing hormone in euthyroid persons as well as in patients with thyroid dysfunction. 4. K. Schemmel, L. Weisbecker, V. Mokmol and Hg. Lahrtz: Dose-dependent increasing effects of (pyro)GIu-His-Pro(NH2) on TSH-activity in McKenzie assay under decreasing thyroxine-blockade. 5. H. Steiner, K. Motta, F. Piva, D Gillessen and R. 0. Studer: TSH-release and TSH-resynthesis induced by TSH-RF and some analogues. 6. A. von zur Mühlen, R. D. Hesch, J. Köbberling and D. Emrich: Thyrotrophin releasing factor (TRF) in the diagnosis of thyroid disorders: Its application in different states of Graves' disease. 7. Bengt Karlberg, Sven Almqvist and Sigbritt Werner: Effects of synthetic TRH on serum levels of HTSH, cortisol, STH, insulin and PBI in normal subjects and patients with pituitary and thyroid disorders. 8. T. Ruhl, J. Habermann, K. Horn and P. C. Scriba: Separate determination of total T3 and T4 in serum by a semiautomatical method. 9. Plass: Column Chromatographie Separation and chemical determination of nanogram amounts of thyroid hormones. 10. C. E. Horth and M. J. Tidd: Diurnal serum thyroxine levels. 11. /. Sinadinovit, M. Kraincanic, M. Jovanovic and Dj. Djurdjevic: The influence of iodine on the aggregation of subunits into thyroglobulin and on the formation of 27S iodoprotein. 12. A. Melander, L. E. Ericson, R. Häkanson, Ch. Owman and F. Sundler: On the role of amino-containing thyroid mast cells in thyroid hormone secretion. 13. D. Glaubitt and H. Fr ahm: Studies of the intermediary metabolism with D-glucose-14 C(U), D-glucose-l-14 C, and D-glucose-6-14 C in treated myxoedema patients. 14. C. Robyn, P. Leleux, L. Vanhaeist and J. Golstein: Immunohistochemical study of human pituitaries with an anti-thyrotrophin (anti-TSH) serum. 15. F. Adlkofer, H. Schleusener, L. Uher and H. J. Kirstaedter: Isoelectric focusing of IGG containing LATS, thyroglobulin antibodies and thyroid microsomal antibodies. V 16. R. Rohner, H. Studcr and M. P. König: Thyroidal radioiodine uptake during longterm antithyroid treatment in euthyroid volunteers. 17. M. H. Helsloot, P. J. der Kinderen and F. Schwarz: Iodine metabolism in a group of old age people. 18. Urban Rosenqvist and Suad Efefidic: Synergistic effect of Prostaglandin E± on noradrenaline induced lipolysis in adipose tissue from hypothyroid subjects. N euroendocrinology 19. M, Apostolakis, S. Kapetanekis, G. Lazos and A. Madena-Pyrgaki: Plasma prolactin activity in male and female patients lactating due to psychotrophic drug administration. 20. Kari Skullerud, Arne Attramadal and Vidar Hansson: The binding of 3 H-oestradiol to macromolecules of anterior pituitary tissue in rats. 21. Oddvar Na?ss, A. Attramadal and V. Hansson: Does anterior pituitary tissue posses androgen binding sites? 22. Anna-Riitta Fuchs and Karri Wichmann: The uptake of 3 H-progesterone and its metabolites by various brain areas of pregnant rabbits. 23. /. Wildschut, G. A. Schuiling and G. P. van Rees: The ovulation-inducing effect of oestradiol in the progesterone-treated rat. 24. P. van der Schoot and G. H. Zeilmaker: Sex differentiation and the regulation of corpus luteum function in the rat. 25. David A. Goldjott and Michael J. Baum: Advancement of spermatogenesis and testosterone production in the prepuberal ferret following hypothalamic lesions. 26. Michael J. Baum, J. T. M. Vreeburg and M. G. M. Balemans: Testicular and pineal function in ferrets exposed to continous light or darkness. 27. H.-D. Taubert, H. Bichel and H. Kühl: Evidence of a sex-specific effect of testosterone upon L-cystine-aminopeptidase activity in the hypothalamus of the male rat. 28. K.-O. Mosebach and H.-G. Peter: Early influences of testosterone and 19-nortestosterone on the metabolism of L-histidine-14 C in the brain of immature male rats. 29. Pamela C. B. MacKinnon and M. B. ter Haar: Changes in protein synthesis in the brain and anterior pituitary gland during the oestrous cycle, and their apparent relation to variations in plasma LH levels. 30. Abstract withdrawn. 31. C W. H. Havard, V. F. Saldanha, R. Bird and R. Gardner: Effects of centrally acting drugs on pituitary adrenal axis. 32. Pertti T. K. Toivola and Charles C. Gate: Stimulation of growth hormone secretion by microinjection of non?/;inephrine into hypothalamus of conscious baboon. 33. Frans Vandesande and Camiel Dierickx: Experimental identification of a hypothalamic thyrotrope centre in Rana temporaria. 34. Charles C. Gale, Roger Williams and Pertti Toivola: Thyroid-sympathetic nervous system interactions in thermoregulation. 35. Hans Vilhardt: Uptake of tritiated lysine-vasopressin by bovine neurosecretory granules. 36. G. Leyendecker, Sharon Wardlaw, Bärbel Leffek and W. Nocke: Studies on the function of the hypothalamic sexual centre in the human: Presence of a cyclic centre in a genetic male. VI Regulation of Gonadal Function 37. Vernon C. Stevens, C. Deans Crystle and George A. Sawaya: Effect of ethinyloestradiol on the secretion of gonadotrophins and oestrogens in the post-partum woman. 38. Sven Johan Nillius and Leif Wide: Increased LH secretion following administration of oestradiol. 39. P.-J. Czygan and W. Reich: The early feedback action of various Steroids on FSH and LH secretion. 40. F. Fuchs, C. G. Beling, V. A. Frandsen, ]. B. Josimovich, K. J. A. Meiler, D. M. Saunders and B. B. Saxena: Pituitary and ovarian hormone levels during lactation. 41. P. J. Keller: The mode of action of ovulation-inducing Compounds. 42. G. P. van Rees, J. Wildschut and G. A. Schuiling: Time factors involved in preovulatory gonadotrophin secretion. 43. Annemarie König, Franz Ellendorff and Volkmar Elsaesser: Effect of melatonin on puberal male rats. 44. Luciano Martini: Central nervous influences on gonadal functions. 45. H. Gregory: Hypothalamic releasing factors. Pituitary Hormones and Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin 46. Wolfgaiig Rohde and Günther Knappe: Assessment of the somatotrophic hypophyseal function in acromegalic patients by estimation of serum growth hormone and other parameters: Study of 35 cases. 47. F. A. Läszlö, £. Nagy and J. Kocsis: Effect of somatotrophic and synthetic adrenocorticotrophic hormone on water metabolism of hypophysectomized rats. 48. P. L. Bar the, L. Schenkel-Hulligcr, W. Rittet and P. A. Desaulles: Corticotrophic effect of synthetic ACTH-peptides with natural amino acid sequence of different chain length in comparison to their D-ser^derivatives.
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