Biomedical applications of electrically conductive polymeric systems

Joseph Jagur-Grodzinski
2012 E-Polymers  
AbstractProperties of the electrically conductive polymers (ECPs) enable introduction of several novel applications in various fields, among others, as biomedical materials. Their use as scaffolds for tissue engineering and recovery of damaged neural tissues is especially advantageous. They may also be used for the electrically induced drug release and delivery, and as very sensitive biosensors for clinical applications. Another use is the detection and precision of the biologically important
more » ... emical materials. They have been shown to modulate and accelerate activities of the nerve, skeletal, muscle, and bone cells. Cell growth, migration and adhesion, may be stimulated by applying electric potential. Synthesis of DNA, secretion of proteins, and transformations of stem cells may be enhanced. Clinical analysis using ECP-based biosensors make possible the precise determination of the exact composition of individual DNA molecules, and thus enable early detection and treatment of genetically related diseases. Electrochemical (EC) approach of ECP-sensors enables precise determination of concentrations of several biologically important chemicals.
doi:10.1515/epoly.2012.12.1.722 fatcat:4ea7cm3kvzc4pgjrs6bf5heaum