Original Article Impact of shenxian shengmai oral liquid on Ca 2+-Mg 2+-ATPase and myocardial Cx43 expression in rats with chronic arrhythmia

Wenqi Yang, Zhaolong Xu, Shudan Mao
2016 Int J Clin Exp Med   unpublished
Chronic arrhythmia is common in clinic. Shenxian shengmai oral liquid shows definite curative effect on chronic arrhythmia treatment through improving sinoatrial node conduction and increasing heart rate. This study established chronic arrhythmia rat model using propranolol to observe shenxian shengmai oral liquid effect on Ca 2+-Mg 2+-ATPase and myocardial Cx43 expression in rats with chronic arrhythmia, and further discussed its molecular mechanism of treating chronic arrhythmia. Male SD
more » ... weighted 200-220 g, were randomly divided into model group (A), drug group (B), and control group (C) with 15 in each group. Propranolol was adopted to establish the chronic arrhythmia model in vivo. The rats in group B received shenxian shengmai oral liquid, while the rats in group C and A received equal volume of saline for continuous 14 days. The heart rate was observed, Na +-K +-ATPase and Ca 2+-Mg 2+-ATPase level in myocardium were detected by spectrophotometric method, and myocardial Cx43 and Kir2.1 protein expression was determined by Western blot. The rats in group A showed significantly lower heart rate than that in group C, together with prolonged P-R interval and QRS duration. While Na +-Mg 2+-ATPase, Ca 2+-Mg 2+-ATPase, Cx43, and Kir2.1 level decreased. Compared with group A, the rats in group B presented obviously higher heart rate, shorter P-R interval and QRS duration, and elevated Na +-K +-ATPase, Ca 2+-Mg 2+-ATPase, Cx43, and Kir2.1 protein expression. In conclusion, our studies showed that Shenxian shengmai oral liquid treatment on chronic arrhythmia is related to Na +-Mg 2+-ATPase and Ca 2+-Mg 2+-ATPase activity elevation and increase of Cx43 and Kir2.1 protein.