Acad J Ped Neonatol The Differential Diagnosis of a Patient with Unilateral Congenital Facial Paralysis: 3q21 Deletion

Nagehan Aslan, Cigdem Sıvrıce, Ahmet Ormecı
2018 Acad J Ped Neonatol   unpublished
A 1-year-old female with unilaterally congenital weakness in the facial muscles was referred to us and we have studied the literature about facial paralysis for differantial diagnosis in the light of this case. There are several described causes of facial nerve paralysis in children, as it can be congenital (due to delivery traumas and genetic or malformative diseases) or acquired (due to infective, inflammatory, neoplastic, traumatic or iatrogenic causes) and can be unilaterally or
more » ... Nonetheless, in approximately 40%-75% of the cases, the cause of unilateral facial paralysis still unknown and remains idiopathic. The differential diagnosis of CFP should include Moebius syndrome, hereditary congenital facial paralysis (HCFP), and congenital ptosis. Herein we describe a patient that presented with unilateral CFP; in addition, the differential diagnosis of CFP and genetic analysis are discussed in the light of the relevant literature.