Talk - SI2-SSE: Foundations for MATPOWER as an Extensible Tool for Power Systems Research and Education [article]

Ray Zimmerman
2018 Figshare  
The electric power system or electricity grid is a critical infrastructure underlying nearly every aspect of modern life, both in our nation and globally. One of the most fundamental classes of problems in power systems analysis is that of the power flow (PF), optimal power flow (OPF) and related problems used to determine the steady state voltages, currents and power flows arising from the interactions between system conditions, operator control actions and the laws of physics. MATPOWER is a
more » ... cs. MATPOWER is a set of open-source tools, implemented in the Matlab language, for electric power system simulation, analysis and optimization, with a focus on power flow and optimal power flow related problems.The aim of this work is to broaden and extend MATPOWER's reach as a successful research-enabling tool for tackling future power systems problems in two specific ways, namely, by providing the project infrastructure and core software architecture needed to facilitate ongoing community-supported growth. MATPOWER will be transitioned to a fully open collaborative development paradigm, with public code repository, issue tracker, documentation, user and developer forums, contributor guidelines and public list of project descriptions. The core of the MATPOWER software will be redesigned to follow a uniform modular architecture for all model elements, where custom user-defined elements enter the model at the same level as the standard elements such as transmission lines, generators and loads. This will significantly increase the flexibility of MATPOWER for addressing a given researcher's problem through easy customization, while paving the way for user contributions of new device models, control schemes and problem formulations.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.6182138 fatcat:m2lkrcfcojbsniilqd5wku24si