Cerebrology and the Possible Something in Phrenology

S. V. Clevenger
1888 American Naturalist  
612 Gerebrology in Phrenology. as the animals which we are considering are not attached, but are nomadic in nature. There is nothing to prevent a comparison between the nomadic life of deep water and that of the Arctic, even if the facie3 of the abyssal zone is different from that of any oceanic fauna of the globe. While the difficulties in the investigation of the animals of the polar regions are such that much remains yet unknown in relation to the surface life of these latitudes, the
more » ... ty of that of the Bay of Fundy to it, if such a likeness really exists, renders this study comparatively easy. It becomes imperative, then, to know accurately the facies of this fauna if one would use this knowledge in comparisons with deep-sea faunoe. TEN years ago, in the American Journal of Nervous and Mental DiseaseI reviewed the history of brain studies, from Erasisratus to Ferrier, and described the convolutions and fissures with their equivalent names as used by English, German, French and Italian investigators. Microscopic details had at that time added immensely to our knowledge of the structure of this important organ, but since then pathological and physiological science has corrected many of the errors prevalent and improved our understanding of the localization of function. When it was established that arm, leg, tongue, ear and eye centres were distributed about the brain cortex, beneath alleged bumps of conjugality, appetite for music, theology and onions, phrenology was discouraged except among its more ignorant devotees. At the conclusion of a popular lecture on the anatomy and physiology of the brain I was assailed by an itinerant phrenologist who did not relish his dollar-a-head prospects being jeopardized by the spread of my heresies. He offered to stake money on the infallibility of his " science " in a public demonstration, and when told that phrenology had been written up in a form available for criticism and This content downloaded from 142.150.
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