An Evaluation of Academic Performance in Light of Some TQM Requirements at the Faculty of Education and Languages - Amran, Republic of Yemen
تقييم الأداء الأكاديمي بكلية التربية والألسن-عمران بالجمهورية اليمنية وفقاً لبعض متطلبات الجودة الشاملة

Fahd AL-Mamari
2017 المجلة العربية لضمان جودة التعليم الجامعي  
‫لكل‬ ‫(�صعيف)‬ ‫لفظي‬ ‫بتقييم‬ )1.85 -2.30( ‫بني‬ ‫ما‬ ‫مت��صطات‬ ‫على‬ ‫املجالت‬ ‫على‬ )% 31.7( ‫بن�صــبة‬ ‫معيارا‬ )25( ‫عدد‬ ‫ح�صــل‬ ‫املعايري‬ ‫م�صــت�ى‬ ‫وعلى‬ .)ً ‫جدا‬ ‫جيد‬ ‫(جيد،‬ ‫تقييم‬ ‫على‬ ً ‫معيارا‬ )20( ‫ح�صل‬ ‫بينما‬ ‫(�صعيف)،‬ ‫تقييم‬ ‫على‬ )% 43( ‫بن�صــبة‬ ‫معيارا‬ )34( ‫وح�صــل‬ ‫(منعدم)،‬ ‫تقييم‬ ‫وه�‬ ‫(جيد)‬ ‫تقييم‬ ‫على‬ )% 1.32( ‫بن�صبة‬ ‫واحد‬ ‫معيار‬ ‫وح�صل‬ ‫(مقب�ل)،‬ ‫تقييم‬ ‫على‬ )% 25.3( ‫بن�صبة‬ ‫البحث.‬ ‫يف‬ ‫تقييم‬ ‫أعلى‬ ‫ا‬ ‫ل�صــالح‬ ‫العلمية‬ ‫أن�صــطة‬
more » ... وال‬ ‫أبحاث‬ ‫ال‬ ‫(ال�صــاد�ض)‬ ‫املجال‬ ‫يف‬ ‫للجن�ض‬ ‫)تعزى‬ α=0.05( ‫عند‬ ‫فروق‬ ‫-وجدت‬ 2 ‫هيئة‬ ‫الطلبــة،‬ ‫تق�مي‬ ‫(نظــام‬ )3 ،5 ،7( ‫املجــالت‬ ‫يف‬ ‫أقــل)،‬ ‫فا‬ ‫�صــن�ات‬ 5( ‫فئــة‬ ‫ل�صــالح‬ ‫وللخــربة‬ ‫إنــاث،‬ ‫ال‬ ‫ل�صــالح‬ ‫واملختربات)‬ ‫املعامل‬ ‫(ج�دة‬ )7( ‫املجال‬ ‫يف‬ ‫ؤهل‬ ‫وللم�‬ ‫الت�ايل،‬ ‫على‬ ‫واملختربات)‬ ‫املعامل‬ ‫التدري�ض،‬ Abstract: The aim of this research was to evaluate academic performance in the Faculty of Education and Languages in the city of Amran, by applying some of the requirements of TQM from the viewpoint teachers of the college, and impact of (sex, specialty, qualification, experience) on their assessment of the performance, using the descriptive method. A questionnaire of (79) items distributed over seven themes was designed and distributed to all members of the population which were (100). (100). The respondents, whose number was 76, were (32) PhD holders, (14) MA holders and (30) BA holders. After using the SPSS statistical package, the analysis revealed the following: 1 -the Pan performance on average ( 2.18) from (05 ); evaluation (weak). And as areas ;the area ( 5 ); quality of faculty members and their assistants ; got ( acceptable), average (2.64 ); and got the area ( 4); quality of guidance and counseling programs -on average (1.80) evaluation (non-existent), and got the rest areas, on average between (2.30 -1.85); rating (weak).Finally; there are not any standard; rating (good, very good). According to the standards got (25) criterion; (31.7%) On the evaluation of the (non-existent), and (34) criterion; (43%) Evaluation of (weak), and (20) standards, ( 25.3 %) evaluation (acceptable), and one standard; got( 1.32% ) On the evaluation of (good); the highest rating in the search. 2 -there are signifcant differences at (α = 0.05) due to sex, in the area (6) ; research and scientific activities ; fore females , and experience; in three areas; ( 7, 5 , 3); ( calendar system of students, faculty, labs ); for the least of the five years experience, and qualifier; and in the area (7); quality of labs; for doctoral and University graduate, and the lack of differences in other areas. 3 -In the light of the results there is a number of recommendations and proposals to achieve quality assurance and accreditation at the Faculty of Education Imran.
doi:10.20428/ajqahe.10.1.2 fatcat:jdvddbioyvgd5faexql3qarshm